Make your Property Easy to Buy

I recently had occasion to learn first hand how making something easy to sell made a huge difference. I was helping my son buy his first car. After browsing local dealers, newspaper classified ads and online listings I stumbled on cars for sale on eBay. At first I couldn’t imagine buying a car, sight unseen, from long distance, but after exploring the eBay site I found how they had found ways to address the normal risks and concerns, making the search for a used car both a larger, national market, and making it easy for a buyer to get information and make a deal.

These same principles and lessons can be applied to marketing real estate. I’m not necessarily suggesting that selling real estate on eBay is the solution. What I am suggesting is that to maximize your marketing success and generate the best results, it’s helpful to make your property easy to buy. While this maxim sounds simple, it’s often not executed very well by sellers.

Our observations
For example we often find properties marketed without the seller or the listing agent providing complete and meaningful information about the property. Just last week I saw a new listing in the commercial property category without any further description and no photo. How can a buyer generate any interest in buying this phantom property without knowing sometime about it? It’s all too common to find listed property with no photos available, or with only one photo of the front door. That’s no way to interest or attract buyers to your property.

With investment property it is almost the rule that the income and expense data available is incomplete, so that any preliminary analysis is impossible. I ask you to try and remember when you have shopped for something and how you reacted to vendors who made the information about the product easy to get compared to those how made it harder. The easier it is to buy the more buyers will want to buy what you are selling, and the result will be an easier sale at a higher price.

How to make it easier
The good news is it’s not rocket science. It’s a matter of executing well some basic fundamental principles, like blocking and tackling in football. It’s not hard, but not everybody does it well.

The basic fundamentals include:

* Providing complete and accurate information.
* Respond to inquiries quickly and courteously.
* Make the property easy to see.
* Remove obstacles to buying.

At Landmark we are committed to doing the simple but basic things to help you make your property easy to buy. We cannot guarantee how quickly your property will sell, or at what price. We do guarantee we will help remove any obstacles to a successful sale.

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