New and Improved

Landmark Properties is pleased to announce the expansion of its single agency real estate services -characterized by representing only one side of any transaction – to include representation of sellers, as well as buyers. Buyers deserve to have their own agent, but sellers deserve the same loyalty from their agents.

True to Philosophical Roots
We have long believed that one agent or agency cannot serve the best interests of two parties with different interests. We remain committed to this principal, and will never represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.

Very few firms are willing to make this commitment to their clients to avoid any conflicts of interest. We believe all real estate consumers – whether buying or selling deserve an agent who is a vigorous advocate for their client; one who can give 100% loyalty to each client. This is the hallmark of our practice, and we have committed to make this level of commitment to all real estate consumers.

Same Professional Service
Whether it’s buyer or sellers we represent, we commit to provide strong advocacy, professional counsel on real estate matters and 100% loyalty to each of our clients. As a small firm, now 4 agents and one full time support staff, we work collegially with each other to satisfy all our clients needs.

Continue to innovate
Landmark was a pioneer in linking buyer representation and loan origination to deliver a smoother escrow and surer closing. Landmark was among the first to offer any form of single agency, and is currently the only firm in the area to have practiced single agency (representing buyers) for over 10 years.

Applying what we’ve learned
One of the benefits of our past experience representing buyers is we have had an opportunity to observe first-hand marketing methods and techniques used by other agents. In doing so we have developed insight into practices that are effective marketing tools, and some which are less then productive.

As we devise marketing plans for clients in the future, we will draw on this experience. We have prepared a paper tilted, “Effectively Marketing your Property.” If you are interested in learning more about effective techniques in marketing real estate, please contact your Landmark associate for a copy of this paper.

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