1. Gather funds for closing.
• Funds must be “fed funds” and wired or in a cashier’s check and deposited with the escrow company no later than one business day before closing.
• Liquidate any securities necessary.

2. Select a homeowner’s insurance provider.
• Give your Landmark Agent the name and phone number of your insurance agent.
• The premium will be collected in escrow.
• Proof of coverage will be provided to your lender.

3. Decide how to hold title.
• When you sign your documents, prior to closing, you will be asked how you wish to hold title. Please refer to “Common Methods of Holding Title” in Section 6 – Title, Escrow, etc of this guide.

4. Establish utility accounts
• Call gas and electric utilities to establish service accounts in your name, as of the close of escrow (or, in the event of a seller rent back, as of the date you take possession.

5. Try to avoid out of town trips during this time.
• If you must be away, notify your Landmark Agent as soon as you know to make appropriate arrangements.

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