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Through the years I have developed some spreadsheets that help me analyze real estate investments. While these were initially developed for my own use, I began to see that others might benefit from them. I have offered free copies to the students enrolled in my class at the Junior College. I would now like to make them available to any of you subscribers who might find them useful.

There are two worksheets, both created with Microsoft Excel. Each serves a different purpose, and I will provide written instructions for each. If you are interested, but don’t have Excel software, I cam direct you to an open source (free) alternative that one of my students suggested.

If you are interested, just send me a quick email asking for the worksheets, and I’ll send them by return email.

Market Watch
Supply-Demand Report as of 9/30/06


The number above show the dramatic shift from a year ago in terms the relationship between the supply of homes for sale, and the demand for those homes. As long as the supply exceeds the demand by such a wide margin, I would expect the downward pressure on prices to continue.

We will continue this feature in coming issues as a useful tool to understand where the market is and where it may be going.

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